Ever since Will Smith has taken to social media, he has been using the platform to inspire, entertain and now to educate. In a very transparent way, he has shared his life with his fans in ways that remove some of the negative stigmas of social media, making it fun and healthy for all who care to watch.

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This time, he is sharing with his base (particularly his male base) the danger of blowing of having an annual colonoscopy.

Dr. Ala Stanford, whose offices are in Miami, set him up for a colonoscopy- a practice that men are encouraged to do around their 50th birthday. During a recent visit to his doctor, Smith was faced with a health surprise (or scare).


And so… Smith places this on his video…

In the video, you hear a nurse talking to him when he first wakes up from his anesthesia. She asks him, “how’d you do? You did alright?”

And in his typical likable self, he answers her, “The question is: did you guys do alright?”

They did better than alright. Apparently, according to AOL, Dr. Stanford found pre-cancerous polyp that she removed from his colon.

The particular polyp that was growing within his colon is called a tubular adenoma.  Stanford called Smith a few days after the procedure and told him that this is same type of polyp that is found in “95 percent of colon cancers.”

“Had you not known, it continues to grow and grow and grow and in African-American men, in particular, the right colon is where cancer is high because it’s the biggest part,” Stanford added. “Yours was on a side that would’ve been more advanced, you would’ve had fewer typical symptoms and by the time you presented it could’ve been full-blown and spread throughout your body.”

Smith starts to ask his physician, “so what does that mean, in terms of..”

But before he finished Dr. Stanford replied: “Your life? What that means is, thank you for being a compliant patient and listening when I said, ‘Will, you need to get a colonoscopy. We know that screening and early detection saves lives.”

This most certainly threw the “Parent’s Just Don’t Understand” rapper for a loop. He seemed to be dazed and ended the video with this, “Health is wealth,” Smith said. “I’m gonna go sit with that for a minute.”

Hopefully, others will take it from The Fresh Prince and get their colons checked.