Bhad Bhabie and Whoa Vicky were beefing for some time before they actually fought in the studio not too long ago. From the available video, it looks like Vicky got the best of the “Hi Bich” rapper. Now, Bhad Bhabie is saying she’ll rematch the social media personality for a fee.

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“1 million and i’ll fight that horsetoothed hoe in the ring…cut the check” Bhad Bhabie posted on Twitter responding to a tweet requesting the rematch. ”


In the video of the first fight, Whoa Vicky is seen on top of Bhabie and pulling at her hair. One witness tells the rapper as she is fighting that she came to the studio just to get beat up. Vicky is not heard in the video, but Bhad Bhabie is screaming throughout the video.


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