A Conservative-leaning organization hosted Donald Trump Jr. at UCLA to promote his new book Triggered on Sunday, but things did not go well for the President’s oldest son. Trump Jr. along with his girlfriend and former Fox News Host Kimberly Guilfoyle was booed off the stage by Trump supporters for refusing to take questions during the event.

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The audience was largely supporters of the President who became frustrated with “time constraints” according to reports. Those time constraints meant that the Triggered author would not take any questions.


Those attending the event shouted for a Q&A  from Trump Jr. to which he responded: “We’re willing to listen, just not to Q&A’s.” Guilfoyle attacked the attendees saying they weren’t making their parents proud by protesting. The people in the room were reported “far-right” protesters who were heard chanting “America first,” a popular slogan of the President and people associated with far-right thinking.

Not only was the Trump Organization CEO getting booed inside the event, but protesters took to the streets outside as well.