A Popeye’s employee in Virginia was caught on camera making the infamous chicken sandwiches on top of a trash can, but according to the owner, the problem is now corrected.

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TMZ has obtained exclusive, yet shocking photos that were taken in the kitchen last week at a Fairfax, VA, Popeye’s where an employee placed a tray where he was making the sandwiches on top of a garbage can. This disgusting act was caught on camera by a customer on line in the restaurant.

The owner claims that his store, which had only been open a few days, was slammed with a 100 sandwich order. Coupled with the fact that he was short staffed and had little counter space, the employee did the unthinkable, even though the owner claims that the garbage bin was totally empty.


This is the latest of ridiculous, yet newsworthy stories surrounding Popeye’s Chicken and their social media driven chicken sandwiches.