Cam Newton’s time as a Carolina Panthers’ franchise quarterback may be over.

Visit for more information‘s Ian Rapoport believes that it is “highly unlikely” that Cam will be in Carolina next season. This comes after sources revealed that the quarterback is considering having surgery on his foot in the upcoming weeks. After taking the necessary time to recover, Cam wants to continue playing in 2020, but there are several reasons why the Panthers are leery about moving forward with Newton.


This biggest issue is Newton’s lengthy list of past injuries. Cam has been sidelined in previous seasons and the Lisfranc injury that he’s nursing could change his style of play.

The Panthers also owes Cam $18.6 million and a $2 million option bonus in 2020. Because of his list of injuries, the Panthers would probably feel more comfortable trading the rest of his contract to another team.

If Newton is 100 percent healthy by March, he’s sending a message to other teams he will be available to lead them in 2020 and beyond with no setbacks on his foot. That also helps the Panthers as they can trade Newton and receiver compensation for the 30-year old quarterback.

Newton has started 124 games in his career, compiling a 68-55-1 record while completing 59.6 percent of his passes for 29,041 yards, 182 touchdowns, 108 interceptions, and an 86.1 passer rating. He also has 4,806 rushing yards and 58 touchdowns, winning the 2015 NFL MVP award and earning three Pro Bowl selections.

With those numbers, Newton would have no problem finding a new home in 2020.