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By: Dylan Kemp

Just when you thought his presidency couldn’t get any more ridiculous, this happens

On Friday, Trump tweeted plans to announce the winners of the #MAGACHALLENGE. The #MAGACHALLENGE is a social media contest where pro-Trump rappers drop bars supporting the president and his campaign for re-election.

The #MAGACHALLENGE began with a September 14th tweet which features amateur rapper and Trump supporter Bryson Gray promoting his song “Black Not Democrat” where he calls for other Trump supporters to spit rhymes over his beat and “make liberals cry.”


The hashtag had blown up and incited other Trump supporters to rap about their allegiance to Trump and hatred of the left. In an interview last month with the Daily Dot, Gray stated that “I think the MAGA challenge is doing what everybody expected Kanye West to do for the [Trump] campaign.” Gray also stated that the challenge is “easing the tensions in the culture and helping get the word out about Trump,” while proving “not all Trump voters and GOP are stick ups.”

Gray’s tweet was co-signed by the commander in chief on November 8th where Trump promised to announce the winners of the #MAGACHALLENGE and invite them to the White House to perform.

However, since the creation of the #MAGACHALLEGE, some have used it to show their hatred for Trump as well as call for his impeachment.

Trump’s cosign of the #MAGACHALLENGE comes after his recent trip to Atlanta to specifically look for young black people to help him with his campaign.