Battle rappers sometimes get a bad rap. (pun intended)

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When many people think about them, they think about underground lyrical miracles cyphering around a trash can on a corner. They might even think about the caricatures that have been portrayed in former battle rapper Eminem motivated films such as 8 Mile or Bodied. Some people despite the success of the aforementioned Slim Shady, Meek Mill, JAY-Z, Lauryn Hill, all of the Wu-Tang Clan, Nicki Minaj, Cassidy, Tsu Surf and more- folk continue to think that battle rappers can’t make music… but I promise you… word to Don Demarco they can..

Do you see the picture? A Bad rap.


Another thing that people seem to think is that they are broke and that they are grimy.

Well over the weekend, during the Rare Breed Entertainment Ladies and Gents card, Charlie Clips proved it them all wrong. Lets face it is getting a bag… proved that he is not just street emcee begging for a chance to spit hot fire against some other rapper from another hood (though he does get tested by a homeless man)… ain’t boxing himself into a particular “battle rapper” image (though he is one of the resident battlers on Nick Cannon’s hit MTV show Wild N’ Out and signing to Cannon’s NCredible Label)… nor is broke or grimy…

At the event, during an interview with 15MOFE, Clips and Phara Funeral chopped it up about their particular contest -a notable classic- and were interrupted by a gentleman selling a red fleece jacket.  When the gentleman realizes that he was talking to rappers, he started spitting. It was all fun and games, as Phara became his manager, hyping him up and gathering money (well more accurately making people donate) for her client. He got a sizable stash, but on the side was Miss Shawna. Miss Shawna had been in the cut, but she couldn’t rap.. she couldn’t sing. But what she did have is a cash app and a need to find some place to stay for the night. She did have the courage to ask, and some how this little woman touched the big ole mushy gushy heart of one of battle rap’s most prolific freestylers.

Watch and be blessed as Christmas comes early for this homeless woman.