Eric Barrier, who is best known to the Hip-Hop world as “Eric B.”, was released from jail in New Jersey after he was held for two weeks behind a 17-year-old warrant.

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The legendary DJ for rap icon Rakim came to court in Bergen County in an orange prison jumpsuit but left in his regular clothes after paying $5K in old court fines.

Back in 2001, police attempted to stop Barrier when his Range Rover didn’t have the proper license plate, but the DJ drove on the sidewalk, creating a police crash and causing the injury of an officer when he did not stop.


Even though he was only given a fine, Barrier told the court his lawyer back then told him he didn’t have to appear in court because he was being put in a special program called a pre-trial intervention.

The bench warrant pop up until Barrier’s recent return from Canada, when he was detained last month.

He was released today from a Bergen County courtroom, but his attorney Patrick Toscano says he has to return to court on Nov. 22 to resolve the old case from the original incident.

Eric B.’s first lawyer in the case is serving six life sentences in federal prison for charges including murder.