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By: Amira Lawson

Television Judge Greg Mathis has made an incredible donation recently to the people of Flint, Michigan. The judge has given 50,000 water bottles to students in the school of Flint after having a conversation with several community leaders, discussing the ongoing disadvantage to clean water that Flint residents have.

Principle Latricia Brown said the quantity of her students that need special education has strongly increased since clean water turned out to be rare in the residence. She also says that the children’s inability to focus will set them back for generations as students face cognitive impairment problems from cities’ lack of clean water. Mathis feels as though no parent should be put in the predicament to risk their child’s well being due to the disadvantage of clean water in the city.

“It’s difficult to win the confidence of the citizens that you have allowed to be harmed,” Judge Mathis said. “If you wouldn’t risk it for your children, don’t ask these parents to risk it for theirs.”

This wouldn’t be the first donation that Mathis has made. Last year, he sent out thousands of cases of water to the residents of Flint as well.


Michigan authorities say that Flint’s faucet water is safe to drink, however, in response, Judge Mathis says you can’t expect families who were antagonistically affected by the emergency for such a long time, to abruptly trust in what the administration says. The Detroit Native has also collaborated with AquaTru to give nine water filtration frameworks to schools in the city.

Prayers up for the residents of Flint Michigan as they continue to battle this unfortunate water crisis.