Los Angeles-based jewelry brand, King Ice, launches an official “Chucky” jewelry collection featuring the infamous doll possessed by the fictional, notorious serial killer Charles Lee “Chucky” Ray. The collection features a variety of pendants, necklaces, and accessories inspired by the popular horror movie series.

Chucky has been terrorizing fans for 30 years and a part of the pantheon of great horror icons, Chucky remains unique as a seemingly innocent, red headed doll with a murderous tilt and a sinister laugh.

“We grew up with Chucky, his gory style and zingers are classic in the history of horror,” says King Ice co-founder and Marketing Director, Derek Belay. “He’s a bad ass killing machine who happens to be a 2 ½ foot kids doll.”

The collection comes in 14k gold plating alongside AAA, handset lab diamond stones. Some unique additions of colored stones were added to create more vibrancy. Each pendant is made in a 3D design, allowing for precision details on the front, side and back.


“We designed the Chucky piece to be as scary as possible,” says co-founder and Design Director, Cuong Diep. “We brought the fear evoking sinister look to life.”

Purchase pieces from the Chucky Collection at www.kingice.com