While the world will have a chance to get a glimpse of the first Gangstarr album in almost two decades, the two producers who worked closest with Guru, the late founder of the famed chain and the star, have yet to settle on who will control the fate of the Gangstarr legacy. After the release of the “Family And Loyalty” single featuring J.Cole, 7 Grand Records CEO and Guru’s last known affiliate Solar has been committed to not only continuing Guru’s legacy, but also letting the world know who created the original music that has been released as Gangstarr’s long-awaited LP One Of The Best Yet.

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After the publishing of the New York Times article, it was evident that Solar and longtime Gangstarr producer DJ Premier have polar opposite perceptions of who owns the music, brand and legacy, but even Premier admits in the expose “I knew there had to be material out there that [Solar] was sitting on, I could just feel it.” With Solar stating that there was and still is “no valid agreement” between him and Preemo, the healing process expected by Solar has become a battle over the Gangstarr post-Premier recordings.

“Family and Loyalty” Original Song By Solar and Guru


“Bad Name” Original song By Guru and Solar

So Many” Original Song By Guru and Solar

According to Solar, an appellate decision granted him all rights to the original masters, which leaves the Gangstarr legacy in two parts; Solar’s original production and recordings with Guru and the album that was released without granting Solar any of the credit for the songs that were written and recorded by the duo under the 7 Grand banner. For those who’d like to weigh and judge the similarities versus the distinctions for themselves, check out the “original” songs that were recorded, mastered and even copywritten by Solar and the late, great Mr. Elam and how they were remade for the Gangstarr album.