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They are calling the killing of the 19 year-old Devon Bailey “justifiable.”

But how does anyone justify shooting an teen-aged boy in the back? Apparently, a grand jury in Colorado sees it way differently.

According to the Colorado Public Radio station, the District Attorney of El Paso County made the announcement on Wednesday afternoon, that has the community up in arms. Dan May said that a grand jury, after investigating the Aug. 3rd murder officer-involved-shooting for over a month, they came to a decision worthy of his respect.

“I think there was a totally independent investigation, a totally independent decision by this grand jury. I think they took their jobs very seriously and I respect what the grand jury’s done in this case,” May said at the press conference.


But everyone does not respect their decision.

Bailey was shot in his back after he tried to run from the cops who had stopped him during an investigation about armed robbery. While officers say that he had a gun and had reached for it, the video footage does not appear to show him reaching for anything. What it shows is a young man in mid-stride, running as fast as he can. There is no dispute that running from  the cops is bad… but damn.

The Colorado Springs police department have released body camera footage from the incident for all to see.  What outrages the community the most is that it shows a graphic video of said “po po” busting out eight shots — banging Bailey in the back three times.

People have taken to social media to express themselves in an almost numb repulsion.


No one took the verdict harder than Bailey’s mother, Delisha Searcy.