Panthers safety Eric Reid is a former teammate and close friend of Colin Kaepernick, so it was no surprise that reporters came to him for comment about the workout the NFL arranged for Kaepernick in Atlanta this Saturday.

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Reid said Wednesday that he had gone to Carolina Panthers owner David Tepper when starting quarterback Cam Newton was placed on injured reserve, urging ownership to sign Kaepernick.


Reid is definitely still lobbying for Kaepernick. The Panthers’ safety has long been one of his staunchest defenders and originally did protest with Kaepernick. Reid has been given a job again and he wants the same for Kaepernick, and he’s willing to go straight to ownership to try to make that happen.

Reid and Kaepernick were teammates on the San Francisco 49ers from 2013 to 2016. They have been two of the most outspoken figures in the NFL when it comes to social issues in the United States.

Even with all of that, Reid still feels like this could all be a public relations stunt by the NFL.

Reid explained that it remains to be seen what teams will show up because the workout is scheduled for the day before games.

Reid was asked by reporters whether Saturday’s workout would be a signal of progress for Kaepernick.

“I’ll quote Malcolm X,” Reid said, according to ESPN’s David Newton. “If you stick a knife nine inches in my back and pull it out six, it’s not progress. It’s still a knife in my back.’’