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The Thursday Night Football game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Cleveland Browns was all but wrapped up as a win for the Browns and then it took a sharp left and got violent.

With under twenty seconds left in the fourth quarter, Cleveland’s Myles Garrett tackled Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph to the ground sparking a scuffle. Rudolph attempted to take off Garrett’s helmet, who in exchange ripped off the quarterback’s helmet and hit him in the head with it. What followed was a scrum involving Steelers and Browns players defending their teammates.

After the remaining seconds of the game finally ticked away, Cleveland quarterback Baker Mayfield as asked about the moment by Fox Sports’ Erin Andrews.


“The reality is, he’s gonna get suspended. We don’t know how long, and that hurts our team. And we can’t do that,” Mayfield said. “We can’t continue to hurt this team. It’s inexcusable.”

When asked about the incident, Garrett responded: “I made a mistake and lost my cool and I regret it.”

Twitter would then explode with reactions to the moment.