Niko Brim was born to be an emcee.

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Scratch that… he was born to be a star. His mother is fashion icon  Misa Hylton… His father is multi-platinum making music exec Jojo Brim.  His parents have been entrenched in the culture, in music making. From his mom’s days at Uptown Records and the early Bad Boy days. His dad helped take Def Jam to the next level in the late 90s and 2000s.  Hit music should be bubbling in his blood.

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And with the release of his new single, “Feds Watching” featuring Kamari, he proves this theory to be true: He definitely got hit-making in his blood.

Sax Money produced the track and it teeters on the verge of summer vibing and a party anthem, but all against the flow of concentrated lyricism. Yup… Brim rides the beat, blending melodiously in with the syncopated and the chimed undertone track.

Like we said, hit-making is in his blood.

Brim conveys a story we know… We all know the baddie that has all the guys watching.  Brim takes it even further, “It’s about the girl being so bad, it’s dangerous.”

But it is not just about that. It is also about according to Brim people “plotting on you” and standing by you- even when what life is not what it appears on the outside.

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Brim states, “[It is] about sticking with somebody even when things aren’t going the best.”

Hook is also extremely cleaver, we are sure for someone this will be an anthem… “ten toes in!”  This young gent delivers something special, and makes his legacy smile at his efforts to join their ranks as the most elite family in Hip-Hop.