By: Dylan Kemp

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Looks like Lil Jon’s ice is getting him in trouble overseas.

On Friday night, Lil Jon took to Instagram to tell his fans that he was stopped and detained because of his jewelry.


Lil Jon posted footage and pictures of himself being detained while he and his crew were trying to get out of Tan Son Nhat International Airport in Ho Chi Minh City after performing in Saigon. It seems like Lil Jon’s ice got the attention of officials at the airport.

“Vietnam got me hemmed up over my iceeeee smh,” he posted along with a photo of a desk and chair. Lil Jon then posted a picture of his jewelry on a table and three men who appear to be talking and examining his jewelry.

Several hours later, however, Lil Jon was able to get out and fly home. One of is crew members posted a pic of the aftermath with Lil Jon posing with a few people from the airport and two members from the U.S. Embassy who supposedly helped Lil Jon get out. “Jon was detained earlier today in Vietnam…but w the assistance of 2 staffers from the US Embassy, and a few locals…he’s free!!”