Today is brothers of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity’s 108th Founders Day. Founders Day marks the formal organizing of the fraternity, started on the campus of Howard University in 1911. On that day, students Frank Coleman, Oscar J. Cooper and Edgar A. Love and their faculty adviser Ernest E. Just came together to changed the world. They believed that it was important for men to unite through the binds of brotherhood, and foster a community of excellence that would be a shining illumination to their race. Under the cardinal principles of manhood, scholarship, perseverance and uplift, The Founders committed themselves to a) protect the sanctity of home and b) the chastity of women.

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Over the last century, the fraternity has been decorated with some of the most celebrated Black men in history.  Benjamin Mays, Langston Hughes, Shaq, Stephen A. Smith, Steve Harvey, AJ Calloway, Joe Torey, Terrance J, Michael Jordan and so many of the guys that are on your campus… not necessarily worried about the chastity of women.


So… that got us to thinking… What are the top 5 ways that the Bruhs have solidified themselves as the most Hip-Hop frat. Let us know what you think.

5. Que Dawgs Definitely Be Rocking The Camouflage Fatigues and Gold Boots

While their official colors are Royal Purple Old Gold, it is almost a guarantee that when these men pop owt, they may have some greenish colored camouflage fatigues and some worn out gold boots.

This fashion choice is definitely rugged, separating them from some of the more “pretty looking” fraternities. Like many in the Hip-Hop world, the decision to incorporate the attire into their wardrobe serves as a double purpose… first to just look fly (defining fashion on their own terms and with their own ethics) and secondly to operate from a space of code-switching that is necessary to keep people always on their toes, further allowing these brilliant brothers to almost always say something prolific, while they are looking like they are about to go to war. Once you understand the yard uniform, you will understand the difference between the an Omega Man and a Que Dawg.  Rappers also have this yard uniform, but they are rocking it in their respective lanes. Looking like a 90s video come to life, Ques are Hip-Hop because they actually look the part.

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4. They All Have Alternative Identities

There most certainly is a difference between JAY-Z and Shawn Carter, Bashar Jackson and Pop Smoke, Jada Kiss and Jason Terrance Phillips. As mentioned before, there is a double identity going on with Ques. Now… your pastor… your uncle… your teacher… family doctor… and family lawyer are Omega Men. Your dad is an Omega Man…. However, during their HBCU they will Jekyll and Hyde your behind in a quick minute. One probably is working to change the dynamics of race in your community and the other might lick you… like in your face. Both Hip-Hop and the brothers of this fraternity share these double identities.

Not in a schizophrenic way, both groups understand that everything has a time and a place- and all behavior is not appropriate at all times. So next time you are wondering if your pastor is really, really, really a Que… think first Clark Kent and Superman and then think of someone who seems to be all over the place – Like Fat Joe or N.O.R.E. or Nas and think about how for the most part they go home to their wives and girls to live a very regular life- and then go back to looking at your pastor. While we are sure he is a great man… sneak and play “Atomic Dog” during the coffee hour after bible study and watch him transform.

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3. Their Hop Could Be A Popular Dance Craze

The Que Dawgs are  known to break a sweat when they come to a party.  In fact, it does not even have to be a party. They are the party.

Just think about any tailgate, probate, baby shower, cook out, rent party… all you have to do is put on their jam… and you know what that is… and they are out there on the floor killing it. A smooth side step and bop… some hooks in the air… a glazed over look in their eyes and then there they go… they are out there hoping and killing it. Everyone really wants to join in (we advise you not to) as they take over the floor.

Similar to when Rock Steady gets busy on the floor break dancing, your little cousin does whatever dance Teyana Taylor said was popping in Harlem or the “Nae Nae,” their moves are infectious and learning them is just as much a part of their identity as service is.

2. They Give Back To The Community and Started As A Way to Reclaim Communal Identity

For poor kids in the South Bronx, creating Hip-Hop was imperative for the salvation of a neighborhood. Literally the music saved them from gang war and poverty. The early DJs and rappers gave back to the communities that they came out of and created a spirit of intentional charity and self-declaration for anyone that wanted to be down.  Kool Herc’s jams, celebrity basketball games to rase money for charity, turkey give backs and the many foundations that so many rappers have are all to show the communities where they are from that they have not forgotten them. They also just want people to see behind the scowl on their faces and the barking of their raps. That also can be said for the Bruhs.

When the Omega men decided to start their own fraternity, redefining what the world thought about Black men was at the forefront of their mindset. Serving their community was key for The Four Founders.  This is just another way that Hip-Hop connects with the Purple and Gold giants- The two have a belief system that transcends how they look.

1. George Clinton is Like a Gawd to Them

Either community… just put on the damn song.

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The Source would like to wish the Mighty Men of Omega Psi Phi, a very Happy Founders Day!

Check out some bruhs from all over.

RIP to my Goddaddy aka pops.