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By: Dylan Kemp

When Popeye’s fried chicken sandwich re-released a few weeks ago, we said there was going to be a lot of foolishness that would ensue, as well as some unbelievable stories that would break as well.

From people being murdered for skipping the line, to workers fighting for selling sandwiches on the side, we thought we had seen it all. Apparently not.


A Popeyes employee in Texas was fired this past week for bringing his supposedly 8-year-old son to work with him to help the overworked Popeyes employees keep up with the demand of the now infamous chicken sandwich.

According to Inside Edition, a child was photographed helping prepare the chicken sandwiches in a Popeyes restaurant in Colony, Texas. In the video, you can see the child in an apron and sneakers and is no more than four feet tall.

Federal child labor laws state that it is illegal to have a minor, especially an 8-year-old, working. The customer who caught the incident on camera says the location was packed at the time. “[He] was working with the flour that they…cook the chicken in. … It looked like he was working hard.”