Kyrie Irving was in a giving mood in Chicago on Saturday.

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The Brooklyn Nets point guard was welcomed by some young fans, whom he then chopped it up with. He went beyond that and ended up giving the kids some money, too. TMZ caught the moment on camera, where Irving looks to be handing out $100 bills to the group.


The 27-year-old superstar asked the group “Who’s the leader?” before getting something out of his pocket. A second look showed Irving whip out a couple of hundred dollar bills and hand it to one of the fans for distribution

Irving’s good deed, meanwhile, seems to have reaped some good karma, as the Nets came away with a 117-111 win over the Bulls.

Irving sat out the game with a shoulder injury, but he still traveled with the team. He watched from the sidelines as Brooklyn used a 43-point fourth quarter to seal the victory. Spencer Dinwiddie took over Irving’s spot and notched 24 points, while Joe Harris knocked in 22.

Irving gets a bad wrap at times for being different and doing his own thing. This gesture is unusual, but those kids will never forget his awesome gesture of kindness.