The opinionated Amanda Seales uses her Instagram platform to unpack Rodney Reed in a way that few people have even considered.

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According to new information that she has learned, Rodney Reed may actually be a serial rapist.

What is she talking about?


A Black man from Bastrop, Texas named Rodney Reed had been convicted and sentenced to death row over 20 years ago for the rape and murder of Stacey Stites.  He alleges that the DNA found in her was not evidence of a violation, but that the two had been engaged in a clandestine relationship- because she was white and he was Black… Remember this is Texas that we are talking about… and has maintained his innocence.

Well… while everyone is still celebrating his stay of execution last week, with notable names such as Rihanna, Busta Rhymes, Kim K (who was with him when the decision was made) and more leading the charge, he has recently come under fire for what many are heralding as smoking guns pointing to his guilt. Amanda Seales is one of them.

The comedian, poet, activist and actor on the hit HBO show Insecure took to IG to tell the world that she is sorry that she supported the campaign to stop him from being executed. She originally joined the fight because of new evidence that seemed to have emerged. This evidence as presented to her appeared to be reliable… and more importantly complete. According to a report from someone locked up with Stite’s then fiancé, former Bastrop police officer Jimmy Fennell, her ex-beau apparently was the one to kill her because she cheated on him with a Black man. confessed to the murder.  Fennell not only confessed that he killed Stites but had help from other Bastrop cops to cover up the murder.

That was compelling but not as compelling as what has recently come to the forefront of her attention. Seales maintains that if she had known some additional facts (facts that many behind the campaign purposely withheld), she would have never supported him.

Check out what she had to say:


According to Blavity, Reed has been linked to six brand new and separate sexual assault cases.

Bryce Benjet, Reed’s lawyer, shares that the alleged Reed had been acquitted in one of the six cases. But the other five have either not been taken seriously, pushed to the side because he was already locked up or dropped.

A woman named Linda Schueter says that he kidnapped her and tried to rape her. She was able to escape his clutches and was able to pick him in a line-up when police allowed her to identify her attacker in efforts to obtain justice for this offense.

His baby moms charged him of attacking and raping her in 1991. According to the local news KXAN, she dropped the charges, the two other women could not identify him but did have his DNA linked to them… but the most repulsive is that his DNA was found INSIDE of a 12-year-old girl who was raped under a bridge.

“If we are going to say that Bill Cosby had a number of accusers and should be tried in the court of public opinion as well as the court of law. And if we are going to say that R. Kelly same thing…” Seales poses to her audience, “Then why are we not applying that same concept to somebody that not just been accused of, but has been linked to several rapes.”