This battle has been bubbling for some time, and now the highly anticipated war between brothers, Baltimore’s Tay Roc and Harlem’s T-Rex, will take place on a big stage in neutral territory: Philly.

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Unfortunately, their beef has played out in the most Shakespearean in a way.

Dramatic. Filled with twist and turns, inspirited outbursts of rumored betrayals, and the lasting  pains of rejection, the storyline behind this battle is the stuff that great fiction is made out of.


‘Cept… this is not fiction.

It probably gets no realer than what’s about to go down on Saturday, November 23rd in Philadelphia, when the Cain and Abel of battle rap face each other.

So which one is Cain?

Tay Roc, the younger brother could possibly be Abel. From the outside, because who really knows Dot Mobb business, it seems like he was the one that found favor with SMACK, battle rap’s figurative god.

T-REX’s fall from glory was sooo drastic that one could imagine him casted as Cain. In the bible, Cain kills his brother because his offering to The Lord was more acceptable. Is that not what Rex has done? By creating such a hostile environment over in the Dot Mobb space, that Roc had to leave?

Let’s face it… Roc probably should have left. Not because the Mobb is wack, but because the lyrical fit was out of sync.

Roc’s to T-Rex’s legacy has shown a level of discipline that the Uptown dude just has not had in recent years. Roc needs to be with a crew that is focused on the win and not the entitlement that having a heritage heavy in Harlem affords you (that is if you live in the village).

Roc seemed to be a ride or die Mobb member, even when the Mobb did not have his back.  Not figuratively or literally according to Dracula! Roc contends that few, if any of them, ever supported him when he was on his run. Instead, the seeds of jealousy was planted as he rose to be the face of URL, arguably the best rap league that has ever set the stage for contest.

Rex would say differently. Rex would say that his little brother got out of pocket, and did not show him the proper respect for putting him down with a crew that one could argue gave him foundation just by being adjacent to this collective of winners. Let’s face it: The Dot Mobb of a few years ago were definitely the place to be… And that’s factual whether Mook was absent from the culture or not.

Battle Academy has risen to the occasion, affording the two of them a platform that will allow them to engage in a healthy exchange of venom, getting what has been resting on their chest off the way off.

Now that Roc is the leader of his own crew, Cave Gang (and the partners with one of Hip-Hop’s rising stars Tsu Surf in the group, Gun Titles), perhaps he can learn from his bible and not “son” his bros in the crew.

Members of Cave Gang that are on this card are Tay Roc, Ave, and Chef Trez. Members of the Dot Mobb that will be on this card are T. Rex, Snake Eyes and Eness.
Will this be the resurgence of classic Rex that people have been asking and praying for – for over 5 years? Or will we get the guy that just gave up during his K-Shine battle? Rumor has it that Rex actually is prepared and he has that gritty street stuff that made him famous. If that guy shows up, it could be another Goodz vs. Roc.
We will see exactly how much the crowd respects the shooter… especially when the two shooters are both legends in their own right.
Back to the Cain and Abel thing… you remember what happened when Cain fronted on Abel… he got banished. Will this crowd banish Rex or redeem him for another day… Will Roc die at the hands of his brother, or will he live to lead like the boss he says he is.

Tay Roc had some harsh words for T-Rex not too long ago.

Rex didn’t hold back his comments about his opponent Tay Roc.