It’s that time of year again when vegans everywhere decide whether they will bring their own dish or dine before they visit family for the holidays. Surprisingly enough, the rise of veganism has increased at a rapid rate for a lifestyle once labeled taboo. With the release of popular documentaries such as ‘What the Health’ and ‘Forks Over Knives’, consumers are now questioning the contents of their food. Whether looking to reverse poor eating habits, eliminate animal cruelty or strengthen the environment, vegans are demanding their voices be heard.

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If you’ve been wondering what unforgettable gift to get your favorite loved one on their health journey look no further. The Source has compiled our favorite must-have vegan holiday items we can’t live without. From an innovative milk and butter maker to Atlas Monroe’s infamous chik’n that recently appeared on ABC’s Shark Tank, check out these top tier vegan items.

NutraMilk is our favorite innovative appliance by Brewista that allows you to create homemade nut butters and milks within minutes. The absolute must-have gadget for those who prefer their milk without all the additives and fillers. NutraMilk eliminates the need for soaking or straining nuts overnight and they recently added a smoothie bowl which makes nut butter-based smoothies. Whip up great back a batch of milk, peanut butter or nutella in just minutes.