According to, the big wigs at Superdry have announced that they will be opening a new store for you fashionista across the pond. The store will be located in a town called Telford and will have its grand opening at the end of the month, Nov. 30.

What makes Superdry so fly?


As a brand, they incorporate classic American style with new wave Japanese inspired graphics- brushed over with a British flair.

In celebration of the store opening, shoppers can enter into a contest to win free gear! Not only is the shopping spree at stake, but one will also get advice form a professional personal stylist for the day! It gets better… the shopping spree will be worth about $320 or  £250.

So let’s get this right… a new store opens, and in celebration of its opening customers have an opportunity to get over $300 worth of clothes????


The day of the opening, the store will host many experientials for anyone hanging around the Telford Centre, such as DJs, stilt walkers and break dancers. Look at y’all it seems like this mall ain’t ever gonna be the same.

For full details of the competition, including how to enter, visit

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