By: Dylan Kemp

Eric B, one half of the legendary rap duo Eric B and Rakim, was arrested a couple of weeks ago for an outstanding warrant issued back in 2002 after the producer failed to appear in court for sentencing after pleading guilty to eluding arrest and aggravated assault. Eric B, whose real name is Eric Barrier, had spent a couple of weeks in jail before making bail on November 12.

Instead of jail time, the judge presiding over the case has given Barrier a year’s probation. Prosecutor Ron McCormick originally recommended for Barrier to serve a year in jail. “I don’t think that’s justice, I don’t think it’s fair, I don’t think it’s a deterrent,” McCormick said.

McCormick said that sentencing Eric B to probation would have set a precedent for other defendants that they could skip sentencing, lead a productive life and come back years later to get a better deal.

The original charges stem from a 2001 altercation where Barrier failed to stop his car after a police officer signaled him to pull over. In his most recent court appearance, Barrier’s lawyer argued that he missed the 2002 sentencing date because of bad legal advice from his previous lawyer, Paul Bergrin. Bergrin is currently serving six life sentences in federal prison on murder, racketeering, and other crimes.