Looks like Mason Rudolph will face some consequences for the brawl at the Steelers-Browns game from a couple of weeks ago.

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According to ESPN, the NFL fined the Steelers quarterback $50,000, more than a game check, for his role in the brawl with the Browns. He has said that he’d accept any discipline from the NFL but he can file an appeal to have the fine reduced under league rules if it is deemed “excessive when compared to the player’s expected earnings for the season in question.”

Rudolph had tried to remove the helmet of Browns’ defensive end, Myles Garrett. When he was unsuccessful, he tried to charge Garrett and Garrett took Rudolph’s helmet off and struck Rudolph with it. Garrett was suspended indefinitely and fined $45,000 for his involvement in the incident. He will lose $1.14 million in in-game checks.


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Garrett’s appeal was denied this week when he told an appeals officer that Rudolph had used a racial slur against him. Rudolph denied that allegation.

The NFL handed out over $700,000 in disciplinary penalties from that fight alone and 33 players were fined. 29 players were fined $3500 a piece just for entering the fight zone.

The league also fined the Steelers and the Browns $250,000 each for the fight.