By: Dylan Kemp

On November 14th, Playboi Carti and Iggy Azalea’s rental home in the Atlanta suburb of Buckhead was burglarized. According to a police report, over $350,000 in jewelry was stolen from their home in under 10 minutes.

Iggy was at the home the night the burglary occurred.

The burglar entered the couple’s home through the back door which was purposely used to let Carti enter. Azalea told the police about the incident three days after it had already occurred.

After sneaking into the home, the burglar stole $360,000 worth of jewelry which was kept in a designer bag and left out in the dining room of the house. Within eight minutes, the burglar had left the house with the bag and jewelry.

The bag contained many pieces belonging to Carti, including seven diamond rings totaling $70,000, a $35,000 engagement ring, and two rose gold chains with custom baby T-rex fossil pendants encrusted with pink diamonds valued at $30,000. However, Carti was unable to list the dollar amounts of the jewelry so police valued his belongings at zero.

The two have been living in the Atlanta home for about a year after relocating from Los Angeles.