There is something very special about a self-made man. Well… young man in this case. And it seems that Domani Harris has emerged as a thoughtful and sensitive artist, with the lyrical propensity that may actually separate him from the pack.

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The Source had their opportunity to link with the young star and we found out that this kid has a great head on his shoulders, vibey and thoughtful music in his arsenal and a bright future in view.

The Source: Talk about yourself as an artist. What do you want people to know about your artistry?


Domani Harris: I just want people to know that I am learning and growing, and I am human. I’m an artist I talk about what I have experienced and what people around me have experienced and what I want to experience in the future. Yeah, I’m learning, I’m growing and I’m an artist. That means I’m human.

There are so many children of artist out – who have you taken notes from and – who do you consider most interested in defining themselves outside of their parent’s legacy?

I take notes from everybody for real. I feel like I can always learn something from anybody and anything.  So yeah anybody who’s really doing music for the art and really have something to say and trying to get a message across I’m all for that.

How are you different from your musical parents? How do or did you handle being in such an enormous spotlight because of your parents?

Well, I’m different because I’m a different person, I’m a whole different human being then anybody else out there. Enormous spotlight I mean you know it’s a positive and a negative, depending on how you look at it. It’s just your perspective. Yes everything has pressure, but you know if its good or bad it’s how you look at it, I try to always look at it positive. 

Describe your music – genre and influences.

That’s, you know genres. I really don’t like putting labels on things. I feel like, I don’t know it’s just music it’s just art.

What should the world know about you and your upcoming project?

Um, you should know that I’m learning, I’m growing and I’m human. Upcoming project I don’t know anything right now, I’m putting it together as we speak. It will all work out it always does.

What is the biggest lesson you learned about the business from your father?

I’ve learned to just take it serious and I’m still learning. It’s always deeper than we think it is. As we grow you realize that’s its always deeper, it’s another step deeper. So yeah, take it seriously.

Any tips to young musicians pursuing their dreams?

Basically its really what everyone else has been saying. Don’t Stop, keep going, believe in yourself. You got to be cray enough to believe in yourself because you know you going to look crazy. Stay humble, keep learning. Humble is just the ability to be taught. So always be able to be taught and keep an open mind.

It is super refreshing to hear a young man so confident and focused on developing himself. With wisdom beyond his years, we look forward to seeing who he becomes and what he will offer to the world.