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The late Elijah Cummings is probably one of the most heralded congressmen in modern-day politics. His recent passing was heart-breaking, leaving many mourning but also concern about his democratic seat in the US House of Representatives.

Jennifer and Adia Cummings, according to, will back their dad’s long-time staffer, instead of his widow to fill the congressional seat left vacant after his death.


According to The Baltimore Sun, Cummings’ wife, Maya Rockeymoore Cummings, is running for her husband’s seat, announcing her candidacy a few weeks after his death. But the daughters have thrown their support behind Harry Spikes for Maryland’s 7th Congressional District and believe that he is the future of their state’s political party.

“Our father often said of himself that he was ‘an ordinary man called to an extraordinary mission,’ and Harry embodies that same spirit,” Jennifer wrote in the statement, reported The Sun.

These two are not the only ones looking to win the seat.

There are 32 candidates, including four state legislators, that are campaigning for the 7th district office. One of those running is NAACP President Kweisi Mfume. Mfume once congressman from the 7th district who vacated the seat to lead the NAACP in 1996.