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According to confirmed reports, Chico DeBarge of the famous DeBarge family and pop group was arrested over the weekend in Burbank, California on drug possession charges.

The famed singer was approached by police when it appeared that DeBarge was breaking into his SUV with a wire. The cops interrogated Debarge, searched his person and found an undisclosed amount of methamphetamines in his pockets.

The police also discovered drug paraphernalia after searching his vehicle.


The youngest of the DeBarge family has always had issues with the law. In 2007 he was arrested on drug charges before entering rehab. In 2003, he was stabbed by Philly wiseguy John Casasanto in a bar after getting into an altercation with one of the mobster’s soldiers.

DeBarge was released after this arrest, but the charges are pending and the case will resume early 2020.