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By: Dylan Kemp

Dave East was set to appear at a Boston night club on Friday (Nov 29), however, he was not let into the club due to apparent death threats. 

He was set to appear at Icon with Millyz for an afterparty. He was then denied entry at the door due to death threats that had been called into the venue. The club owner then did not want to let the New York rapper come in.  He then hopped on Instagram to share more details on what had happened. 


“The club owner to Icon in Boston said he got 2 anonymous phone calls that they was gone shoot me tonight lol,” Dave wrote in the since-deleted post. “So they ain’t let me in the club. I know one thing, if a nigga gone do that he ain’t calling the club telling them. Sorry to whoever came out to see me and to the owner of Icon u a bozo.”

East also said that the phone calls were anonymous and the caller threatened to shoot him in the face. 

This comes less than a month after releasing his 20 song album, Survival, which features verses from Nas, Rick Ross, Fab, Gunna, and Ty Dolla $ign, and more.