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Words by: Dylan Kemp

While most people spent Thanksgiving with family; eating their grandma’s ham, turkey, mac and cheese and stuffing, Lil Uzi used his holiday to let the world know that he and Playboi Carti are not on good terms anymore. Uzi was asked by a fan if he and Carti were on good terms and Uzi replied with a “NO”, seemingly upsetting a lot of fans. 

Uzi did not care to expand or clarify what had happened between him and Carti, but instead said that he “just took a different route”


After deleting the tweets, Uzi shared one last tweet with his fans. 

“I wanna let My Family know… and I say Family because all the fans left along time ago. Only Family Stays so if you stayed I’m Thankful For U… We Gonna Party so Hard In No Time #EA I LOVE YOU I SWEAR TIME JUST BEEN CRAZY IM OKAY NOW :)”

Many fans took to Twitter to express their sadness for the end of Uzi and Carti’s friendship.

However, Uzi might have just been mad at his label for delaying the release of his upcoming album Eternal Atake. Later that night, Uzi called out former collaborators and his Generation Now label executives DJ Drama and Don Cannon. In a recently deleted tweet, Uzi said:

“Fuck Dj drama he broke. N***as need me 2 drop 2 pay bills. My best friend Mean Got More Money Den Drama I Swear on Everything. He not even in the Industry. I still got love for  Don Cannon with his Fake Ass 😊 ahhhhh You snake ass n***a I wanna be just like you when I grow up.”