Activists now claim that surveillance video from August 31st shows police planted a gun on Terry Tillman. The 23-year-old was killed after he was caught carrying a gun inside the St, Louis Galleria mall in Richmond Heights, a suburb of St. Louis. Investigators say he ran to a parking garage where he allegedly lifted his gun at police. That’s when a Richmond Heights officer shot him.

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After many protests and questions from the family, video evidence, taken from a neighboring beauty salon, shows a police officer going into a patrol car with gloves, taking a firearm out, and walking over to the body of Terry Tillman, contradicting the previous statements by police.
“Our family is demanding to provide a copy of any and all footage of that shooting. Our family is demanding proof that he was pointing a gun,” said his sister, Rachel Jones.

 Attorney Jerryl Christmas spoke saying, “Whoever controls the crime scene controls the narrative,” a narrative that has been used to attack Terry Tillman and the Tillman family in their search for justice. The reporter with Real STL news who broke the story, Amir Brandy, described this as, “The perfect example of crime scene being staged.” The Rev. Darryl Gray demanded that every stone be turned over in the investigation of this shooting, and demanded that the prosecuting attorney, Wesley Bell, meet with the Tillman family personally. 
Watch the video below.