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Last night the Museum of Modern Art filled a room with top-notch movers and shakers in the media with a private screening for the film Hustlers. Hosted by STX FILMS, and funnyman Will Ferrell, the critically-acclaimed movie, full of grit, sleaziness AND smarts left the audience on their seats. Following the bad girl thriller, a candid Q&A from the writer/director Lorene Scafaria along with producers Jessica Elbaum and Elain Goldsmith-Thomas. Much to the audience’s surprise the film’s stars Constance Wu, Julia Stiles, Keke Palmer, Lili Reinhardt, and Jennifer Lopez graced the stage to discuss the film with the packed audience.

Definitely not just another movie about strippers, this detailed grimy story mirrors your favorite tattle-tale street story complete with cameos from Cardi B, Usher, and new sensation Lizzo. When questioned about why there was resistance when trying to create this movie, mogul Jennifer Lopez summed it up with her feminine but gangsta theory.

“I think the whole idea of us being the bad guys and the good guys… so being the anti-heroes of the story kind of off put a lot of men—you’re just not use to seeing it. We’re the Good Fellas here.” She explains, “Yes we are and we’re the bad asses but we’re also bad. Those complicated type of female characters is not something you always get to see. And I think it scared off a lot of people in the beginning.”


Check out Hustlers for the holidays on Blu Ray/DVD December 10!