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By: Amira Lawson

Singer Jhené Aiko is bringing something new to the table. She shared that she had the opportunity to visit Wisdome L.A. to lead an audience in meditation.

“Leading meditations while singing modern mantra and playing my crystal alchemy bowls was a dream come true. I’ve never felt more in my element,” said Aiko.


She then shares her plans on having more events similar to this experience in 2020. “In 2020 i can not WAIT to do more immersive sound bath experiences for you guys 🙏🏼 color therapy + aromatherapy + sound healing + modern mantra + conscious breathing = an experience of a lifetime” she stated. “THIS is what i am here to do and i am so grateful for the peace and clarity i have found on my path.”

Following her telling fans that she hopes to be able to. create this environment for fans at next year’s  Coachella.