Pensacola’s recording artist, Sneaky kicked off the holidays in his hometown of Pensacola, Florida on by giving away over 150 turkeys from Walmart to a community in front of the G Spot Barber Shop on 3100 N. Pace Blvd.

Fresh off the success of his single, “Trust the Process”—an inspirational
anthem he created to motivate anyone who facing challenges in life. Not a stranger to his own struggles, he feels its only right to bring joy to others when you can, “Especially with the holidays upon us, everyone in need should be able to look forward
to some type of relief….I am just happy to be able to afford to give away
food for those in need and it is my hope that I have helped families and provided some
inspiration for those looking for a ray of hope and motivation”.

Witnessing not only his unmatchable grind but his good heart, Sneaky’s publicist Lynn Hobson shares her outlook on the hip hop star. “I am happy to know that Sneaky thought of giving before anything else pertaining to the holidays. He inspires me..”
Sneaky stepped on the scene at the top of 2019 as an up & coming Hip-Hop artist and
the rest is history. To date, his single, “Trust the Process” is making waves in his
community and worldwide. While he’s just getting started he remains humble and ready to share his talent with the world.

Check out his hit single, Trust the Process.