The New York Knicks have been one of the worst teams in the NBA for two decades now, and that is why James Dolan has become one of the most hated owners in all of sports. At least one of his former players does not think that is fair.

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Enes Kanter, who spent less than two seasons with the Knicks, defended Dolan on Sunday with Kanter’s Boston Celtics taking on New York. He called it “terrible” that Dolan gets blamed for his team’s struggles on the court when “he has nothing to do with it.”

Interestingly enough, Kanter has taken multiple shots at the Knicks since he last played for them less than a year ago. Apparently he was happy to get away from their losing culture but does not feel Dolan is responsible for creating it.


The Knicks are tied for the worst record in the Eastern Conference this year at 4-16, and things have only gotten worse for them after they missed out on every star free agent over the summer. No one seems to want to play for them despite their rich history, and Dolan has a lot to do with that.

Dolan isn’t the meddling owner getting in the front office. He is just the owner who hires the wrong personnel to run his team.