Rapper Gillie the King, Wallo and Dev Nasty brought their super-popular podcast to the people. On Saturday, November 30, they had a standing room only assembly at Temple University. Starting around 9:00 pm, the three jumped right into their gags and funny– and the crowd was all in.

The first segment was “Who Would You Rather?” and these were the options that the three had to choose from:

Would any of you want to have a woman that you have had an 8-year relationship with and you have two kids with her and then you find out your girl was a call girl and sex with like 20 men a day? Needless to say, no one wanted to have this girl.

Another option was, would you have your girl tell you that she and her boss have had been having a secret relationship, whereas she told her boss that she was said tired of you and had to get drunk to have sex with you?

The last option is that your girl goes out with her friends, somehow takes a bunch of Molly and then has sex with 11 guys and this was all videotaped? 

These options created such a stir and while the comedic banter went back and forth on the stage, the crowd was getting into the act. As the audience started to shout out stuff from their seats, Gillie and his cousin, Wallo got even more animated. We knew that Gillie was a stitch, but to see Wallo, the motivational speaker, be the Abbott to his Costello was a real treat. This is not to leave Dev Nasty out of the loop? He too added his opinion to the session.

Another topic that came up in this live podcast was “Top 5 Reason stay in a Toxic Relationship.”

Without giving out too many spoilers, here are some of the reasons that the panel and their audience came up with (never putting in any order): Many people are too scared to start over from scratch with a partner. Other reasons that you heard was money and kids. The funniest suggestion came from the panel when they said that women stayed in relationships because of “D&P!”

One of the most hilarious moments of the night was when Gillie asked the number question on everyone’s mind, “Who ripped Wallo’s jumper off when he was jail?”

This long-running joke from the show had everyone in stitches… especially when Wallo tries to defend himself by saying, “He ripped my back pocket! He tried to grab my butt and ripped the pocket!!!” 

But the prankster in Gilly had something up his Million Dollaz Worth of Game sleeve. He revealed to the people that he actually had the guy that allegedly “ripped” the jumper of his cousin.

This massive guy walks up to the stage and was talking filthy to Wallo… “Come give me a kiss… you used to love it!” This guy said that he used to make Wallo (who used to be in jail… I guess you need to know that in order to get the joke), dip his finger into his coffee… Son….to make it sweeter. THESE PEOPLE ARE FOOLS!

The roar in the room was monstrous. Not one second since the trio touched the stage was there a dull moment. In fact, you could see the sides of people splitting from their well-crafted humor- uniquely the tone for the heavily Philly populated event.

Back to the massive guy.

Turns out that the guy, “Big Red” was his name, was actually related to Gillie’s wifey. And this was all a joke set up for the people. What was not set up was… the true story about Gillie’s wifey peeing in the bed.

There had been some discussion about Toot peeing in the bed. Gil has told this story a lot and now, that Toot was sitting right in the front, we all were eager to see if he was going to be as brazen as he has been in the past regarding this particular embarrassment.


Toot set the record straight. It was Gillie who actually peed in the bed and the rapper turned Instagrizzy life coached tried to pass it on to the lady that he loves. SMH. It was funny to hear her put him on blast.

As it was also funny to see that Dev actually does have boxers with his girl’s face on them.

The next topic up for discussion was the difference between “Ratting vs Snitching.” You have to see the conversation on this topic. While the common person might not understand the nuances, the hosts did- and their audience was right there with them.

Wallo mentioned his mentor, Earl. He is/was a martial artist hero that inspired him while he was a kid. The argument is about whether or not Earl is relevant. Nasty Dev, who like Wallo, is a martial artist- and would probably agree that his skill set and the wisdom that he has imparted on 267 is valuable. Gillie the King would say “No.”

If you follow the show, you know that they love to talk about controversial subjects around sex and relationships. This is why this topic was not shocking when it came up: What’s better Love Sex or Wrong Sex?

Million Dollars Worth of Game live podcast, Gillie, Toot aka Gina, April and Wallo photos by Kay Leno of Press Pause Productions (@press.pause.productions)

Wallo quickly said that because he was in jail for most of his life, that he will choose to have sex with someone that you are in love with.

Dev Nasty kept it a bean and said even in front of his girl that “Wrong Sex” is better.

Can you guess what Gillie said??? Make sure you watch it when it drops for that tidbit.

(At this time, a heckler walked across the front of the stage inspiring boos from the audience who knew his nut a$$ just wanted some attention.)

My favorite part of the show is always, the “Million Dollaz Worth of Game” segment that gives straight talk for straight understanding.

This was a time for audience participation as a mic was placed up for people to walk up and ask, and a few people actually came to the stage and sat down. One question was from a woman about her baby daddy. She asked, “Why is it that the baby father only wants to be a father if she messing with him?”

While there was also a lot of discussion, GTK broke it down like this: “If you choose not to be in your child’s life, you are the lowest form of a person on the planet earth and you’re weak.” Well… that’s all that needs to be said.

Another part is the introduction to the people of a community activist named Ikey Raw, who has the show called Unsolved Murders of Philly and a podcast called, Raw Talk with Ikey Raw. He wanted to address the senseless recent murder of a 14-year-old girl killed in Philly. 

Now this device, whether planned or spontaneous, offered a sobering moment that showed just how real and important that this show is for the community. They returned to the conversation about ratting and snitching, with Raw asking if you are a “rat” or a “snitch” if you tell on someone that just killed a child.

Raw pleaded with the audience to remember, “Black live matters all the time, not just when cops and whites kill them.”

This inspired Gillie to also talk about how in his opinion the “streets ain’t it.” Gillie and Wallo both lost their cousin to street violence. This is especially said because right before he died, Wallo told him not to be in the street. He used his life as an example, the 20 years in jail gave him insight and wisdom for his cousin to take heed to. However, wisdom is often wasted on the youth. 

And while all four men gave an accountability nod to other men, they did not let women off the chain.

Wallo said, “Women date who they say they don’t want their sons to be.” He said that influence affects the young man’s thoughts and pushes him into the streets. They also set their daughter’s up to make the same silly mistakes.

The show had you laughing and thinking. Just a great time to be had- it’s as good as when you stream the podcast or watch on YouTube.

Million Dollaz Worth of Game also had sponsors in the room. That’s probably the best thing about the entire production is how homegrown everything is/ was. Friends and family hustled around to make sure everyone was straight. Gillie’s mom, Ms. Gill, sat perched in the front… mad regular but regal all at the same time. And so to have the sponsors that they had, some from the very beginning, at the live taping was special. Springfield Hyundai, 2K Mobile, and Barstool Sports. Barstool Sports hosts six of the largest podcast shows in the world and most recently acquired this show.

Stay tune for this episode to air soon.