Houston Texans Wide Receiver Kenny Stills is still holding strong to the National Anthem protest, and after scoring a touchdown on Sunday, Stills gave the protest pioneer a shout out that wasn’t caught on camera.

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Stills said on Twitter that after his 35-yard touchdown grab against the New England Patriots on Sunday night, Stills went to the camera and said “free my boy Kaep” but the national broadcast must’ve cut to a different camera. One fan who Stills retweeted feels that Stills didn’t get the camera time after the grab due to his continued protest of the NFL.

At the start of the season, Stills was a member of the Miami Dolphins whose owner fought against players having the right to kneel during the National Anthem. Stills was critical of the Dolphins ownership from day one which is likely what led to him being traded early in the season.


It seems to have benefited the 27-year-old pass-catcher because instead of being on a team with no playoff chances, he’s now on an ascending franchise that is 8-4 coming off their biggest win of the season and is leading the AFC South.

Stills’ tweet was retweeted by Kaepernick’s best friend Eric Reid who’s been defending the former NFL Quarterback since day one, and Kaep himself also retweeted Stills saying “Love you brother.”

Kaepernick recently worked out for NFL scouts and the reviews noted that Kaep still had the elite arm strength and looked like an NFL QB. However, Kaepernick still hasn’t received any phone calls from a team.