By: Amira Lawson

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Another day, another Hip-Hop feud. This time stepping in the ring is rapper Blueface and Meek Mill signee, Yung Ro.

In recent pictures that were posted on Instagram last week, fans noticed that the upcoming rapper Yung Ro, seemed to be missing jewelry and designer brands from his wardrobe. When it was pointed out, Yung Ro took to Instagram to address why he has yet to buy any jewelry or designer name brands.


“Some of yall thinking, damn bro just signed a deal but he dont got no jewelry. Listen, why would I walk around with 50,000 worth of jewelry on my neck and my momma dont have a house. My grandma is still on dialysis, how ima look to them?”

Most respected the Houston rapper’s reason, on the other hand, California rapper, Blueface Baby didn’t seem to agree with Yung Ro’s statement. ​

“Invest in ya self a chain is more then a chain in this rap shyt its all about da image it’s not about how good you rap or how good you freestyle its 2020 it’s a popularity contest you get paid based off how cool you look an how much you appeal to your fan base it’s a new rapper every every 5 min you gotta sticc if you want longevity in this shyt y do think people notice if you don’t have a chain,” wrote Blueface.

To further his argument the rapper also posted on his story, “If you sign a deal an you can’t afford 50 for a chain an 50 to get yo granny off dialysis an another 100 for to put down on yo momma house you shouldn’t have signed that on Cryp.”

Since then, Blueface has been under fire from fans for stepping into another rapper’s business. Blueface ended his story rant by saying, that he isn’t trying to be respectful, but is trying to share some knowledge about the rap industry.

Today, Yung Ro took to Instagram to throw a little shade towards Blueface. He shows a video on Instagram of an unfurnished house, telling fans that he’s finally able to put his mother in a new house. Throughout the video you can also hear him say, “I’m not gone put you out like Blueface did his momma” referring to the incident in July that led to the Thotiana rapper kicking out his mother and sister from his house.

Meek Mill took to Instagram today to let fans know to stop entertaining the situation and to also clear his name from the growing controversy. “Let these youngins grind and stop gassing em to beef! I try to be quiet but I’m watching y’all tryna line my team with these bogus tricks! I don’t want any involvement in that sh*t and ‘yes I am really cut like that’ I’m tryna change a law right now!” said the Philadelphia rapper.

Hopefully, Yung Ro and Blueface will put the beef at ease and possibly collab!