The Los Angeles Lakers are off to a hot start and lead the Western Conference. The superstar tandem of LeBron James and Anthony Davis are present as the best duo in the league but there is always the need for another punch when you have championship aspirations. That punch is Kyle Kuzma.

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In his third year, Kuzma is the last remaining piece of the young core drafted in the pre-King James Lakeshow era and is now a focal point. James referred to Kuzma as “a huge piece of the Lakers’ puzzle” earlier this season and it shows.

A rising star, Kuzma not only is present on the court but also in Foot Locker’s Week of Greatness campaign representing Puma Hoops. The “No Matter What” spot highlights the determination of the sneaker community to get their hands on the hot release. Kuzma appears alongside DaBaby, Alex Morgan and more stars.


The Source: You are working on the Week of Greatness campaign with Foot Locker, how has the experience been for you?

Kyle Kuzma: It’s been great working with Foot Locker for Week of Greatness. So many high profile athletes come together to make some pretty cool things happen!

You are partnered with Alex Morgan, DaBaby and more. Which of your campaign co-stars are you the biggest fan of?

Alex Morgan! I think she’s one of the top athletes in the world!

The campaign highlights the love of sneakers by the community and being able to get them at all costs. What’s the craziest thing you have done for a pair of sneakers?

The craziest thing I’ve done for a pair of sneakers is instead of getting my all-white shoes dirty walking around slush in Michigan, I took my shoes off and walked barefoot in the snow to the school bus.

You are a part of the PUMA Basketball family, what let you know that was the brand for you?

It was the brand for me because they really cater to their athletes but also PUMA is a huge lifestyle brand and fashion is huge to me!

As a member of this summer’s TEAM USA you received an injury, how did that affect you coming into this season?

I think the injury kind of put me behind the eight ball with my team, learning cohesiveness and also getting into my own individual rhythm 

The Lakers are currently at the top of the NBA and excelling on both sides of the court, did you see the team gelling so well this soon?

I saw this team gelling really well, we are a team full of veterans and we all want to win big so for that reason I think that’s why we clicked so early

What are your personal developmental goals for this season?

Just to get better every single day. 1 percent better every day.

You already have had a year with LeBron James, now you have him and Anthony Davis. What is it like to learn from and be able to play with two of the best players in the world?

Playing with LBJ and AD is amazing. I learn so much from those guys every single day whether it’s basketball-related or just life. They are both two great guys to look at as a North Star for me.