After years of trying to fit in the bourgeois art galleries around the world, graffiti finally has a place of its own to call home.

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Since the advent of “wall writing” in the late 60s and early 70s, graff has always been recognized as an illegal art form, chalked up to nothing more than vandalism and criminal mischief; both of which earn jail time instead of accolades. Almost 50 years later, the world of graffiti will have its own historic landmark that will chronicle the art form from its instructional stages to the present, in which graff is utilized in almost every form of marketing and graphic design today.

Founded by legendary NYC graff artist Alan Ket and Miami native and attorney Allison Freidin, the museum houses hundreds of exclusive pieces of graffiti from legends in the game such as the late DONDI CIA, PHASE 2, BLADE, the late RAMMELLZEE and more. Currently, there is a live mural being created by NYC graffiti kings WANE ONE COD and YES 2 prior to the opening on December 5.


Those heading to Miami for Art Basel 2019 should check out the museum located at:

Museum of Graffiti
299 NW 25th Street.
Miami, FL 33127

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