Millennial rap favorite Future made a public announcement via his Instagram less than a week ago that Lori Harvey, daughter of esteemed actor and TV host Steve Harvey.

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Needless to say, the Family Feud host may not be jumping for joy, but he has remained silent on the newfound relationship between the “Mask Off” rapper and his 22-year-old step-daughter.

Harvey has not released a statement about the relationship, however, he did take to social media to talk about positivity and to not “let the Satan into your head.”


It was unclear if he was referring in any way to Future or his relationship with Lori, but Harvey goes on to say, “Do not let Satan get in your head and function because he has one mission and that’s to keep you off course and to make you think that nothing is possible… that God doesn’t hear you. You need to listen to this, stay on course.”

Harvey has had his share of embarrassment in regards to Lori, specifically after she was caught trying to flee on foot after crashing her Mercedes SUV into another driver in Beverly Hills back in October.