It’s LeBron James’ world and we just happen to live in it.

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If what happened on Wednesday night in the Los Angeles Lakers-Utah Jazz game won’t convince you that the NBA will let James get away with anything, nothing will.

During the first quarter of the game, LeBron was caught with the most blatant travel imaginable as he brought the ball towards the three-point line.


James walked two full steps while holding the ball and made no attempt to dribble, and the official did not call anything on him. Bojan
Bogdanovic, who was guarding James, could not believe no call was made.

To be fair to the referee, it does appear like his head was pointed in the other direction as LeBron pauses his dribble, which would explain why he missed the violation.  When Bogdanovic screams, you can see him snap his head back to LeBron, who at that point was about to dribble again. 

James is the star of the league and receives preferential treatment, but you still shouldn’t let him get away with something that obvious.

Obviously, he should have been called for traveling, but it’s still a hilarious moment. And the fact that it was LeBron, of all people, only makes it funnier.