Protestors in India are on a hunger strike due to violent rape attacks against women. Last Wednesday in Hyderabad, India four men dragged and raped a stranded woman in a hidden area off the road. The men then strangled the 27-year-old veterinarian and dumped her body under a highway overpass and set her body on fire. They later confessed to letting the air out of her tire so they could attack her.

Days later a drunk man lured a 6-year-old girl out of her school with candy then raped and strangled her. Lawmakers are fed up and want the men castrated or lynched, the woman argued if they chop the heads off a few of these men, others will stop these horrific crimes.

100 sexual assaults are reported every day in India and each and every one of them matters. Tens of thousands of rape cases are piling up in India and young girls are forced to live in fear. The law had been changed slightly for girls attacked under 12 years of age but rape cases continue to build up.

Now protesters are forcing a hunger strike that they intend to continue indefinitely. 


Watch the video below.