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M to the, O to the!

Moesha was literally a family favorite in many homes when the show aired in 1994. It revolved around Moesha, played by R&B singer Brandy, who was a teenage girl juggling school, romance, and friendship.


Fans of the show may remember the show left off on a cliffhanger when it was abruptly canceled in 2001. When asked by her TV stepmom, Sheryl Lee Ralph (Dee Mitchell) if she would like to do a Moesha reboot, Brandy responded by saying, “Yeah! I’m here to solidify that we are going to bring Moesha back.”

In the mid of the applause, you can hear Brandy’s TV dad, William Allen Young, (Frank Mitchell) “So you heard it right here: you will have a ‘Moesha’ reboot.”

Moesha has won two NAACP awards. One for Outstanding supporting actress, Countess Vaughn, who played as Moesha’s best friend in the show, and the other for Brandy who won, Outstanding Youth Actress. Although fans are totally here for a reboot of the nostalgic show, fans can’t help but remember the late Bernie Mac, Yvette Wilson, and Lamont Bentley.

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