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Carmelo Anthony just secured the bag for the rest of the season. Prior to Thursday, Carmelo Anthony was not guaranteed $2 million of his contract with the Portland Trailblazers unless he stayed with the team through January 4. But after a healthy return to action that included a Western Conference Player of the Week award, the Blazers agreed to guarantee Melo his full contract this season.

So far this season, Melo is averaging just under 17 points a game and 6 rebounds. More importantly for the team, Melo seems to have the ability to grab wins for a Damian Lillard led franchise that had a very rough start to the season.

Melo’s return to the NBA has been an exciting one to watch with many fans counting the former Knicks Forward out after subpar numbers in Oklahoma City and Houston. Melo was let go by the Rockets 10 games into the season and seemed off the NBA’s radar as an asset until November 14 when the Blazers signed him.

Melo returns to action Friday night to face his long-time on-court rival and off-court close friend LeBron James and the 19-3 Los Angeles Lakers.