Angela Simmons appeared on The Breakfast Club this week and revealed she’s been an abusive relationship in the past. The young entrepreneur alongside her siblings Vanessa and JoJo Simmons and talked about helping other women and being honest about what she’s gone through.

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“I think being open is not a difficult thing for me, it’s just being honest. The reason I do women empowerment stuff is because I’ve been through a lot,” she said. “I’ve firsthand dealt with abuse and never really spoke about it and I know there are a lot of women that are stuck and stuff like that, which is why I made my program Pressure Makes Diamonds, because it’s not what you went through but what you came out as. So it’s like, people need to tell their story from where they’re at now, not be ashamed of what flaws and what they have because I went through that quietly, fought my own silent, like public battle because people would never know. It’s hard to get out and I think it needs to be talked about. Women need to protect themselves or get people around them, because you need support in order to get out. You can’t do it alone.”

She said she never opened up about the abuse and hoped that it wouldn’t be a continuous thing.


“It’s like, I think when you’re in it, it’s something you want to get through, kind of. You want to work through it,” she said. “First of all, you can’t believe you’re in it. You’re like, wait, how did I get here? Then you’re like, it’s going to go away, it’s not going to keep happening.”

“It just starts off small, flicking your head and then next thing you know, things are being thrown at you so it’s like, it just happened so quick and so those conversations really don’t happen with my family until I’m done with it,” she said. “I’m in a better head space and I know that I’m done and I can focus in and get therapy and move on. But it’s a tough situation, it’s definitely tough to talk about when you’re in it. I know I have found there have been a lot of women who just don’t speak about it and they’re stuck in relationships and marriages or whatever it is, be it they stay for their kids, or they stay because they don’t have financial means to get out of it, but by all means you could wind up not here tomorrow and it happens to women all the time. So I just encourage people to get help. Even if you’re silently getting help, you’ve got to get help.”

“I think it’s more of a scared thing,” she said. “I don’t know if I would have been embarrassed, more afraid or just not sure of what was going on or is this really this person doing this to me? You know what I mean? Because you see different sides of people. They can be abusing you but then they’re loving you at the same time. All of a sudden you’re confused. So it is tough but that’s definitely why I created programs and why I’m really big on women empowerment and all that stuff.”
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