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As many know the Bronx, New York is where hip hop was created. Many multi-talented artist become passionate about music at a young age, like Larry Brown, executive producer of “Small City, Big Dreams”.  A Bronx Bred innovator that is determined to bring people together with his keen ear for good music. Larry was inspired by the lack of acknowledgment that many Bronx artist do not receive. It motivated him to be hands on and produced his own work that would innovative the culture in an unique way. Formulating over 20 tracks with more than 25 artists, producers and engineers Larry effortlessly created a timeless project that birthed one of the most positive movements the Bronx has seen. He briefly spoke about his creative process and gave us some insight to this tape; 

 “The creative process was actually a fun learning experience, I came closer with music and a lot of dope unsigned artist. Because the Bronx is looked at as a smaller borough I used that concept to form “Small City” as the beginning title. “Big Dreams” was inspired by how big our goals are. I made the video in Miami and got back to NYC in the summer then I made a IG group chat and was posting for a few weeks rounding up artist , after that I linked a few producers for some beats for purchase, and then I started recording and booking various studio sessions and just getting closer with some of the artist. I honestly missed out on a few vibes , but I wanted to create a album where there’s a different song for the peoples ear /vibe. I honestly want the listeners to give some honest feedback, so I could reconsider all opinions bad and good for the next album and also I want the listeners to support the unsigned artist from their hometown , support is the main thing needed to succeed.”

Larry openly shows us why and how we are better together then apart and why support is so important. With all the recent positive feedback from his supporters, it only motivates him to keep leveling up. Catch him on MTM Radio this Monday 12/16 at 7PM. It will be airing live on Instragram and then available on YouTube. 


IG: @larry_brown