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There is another independent record label on the rise that we need to be paying very close attention to. WallStreet Entertainment is an independent record label that does all of their marketing, branding, and production in house with little to no budget and they’re currently on the rise catching the eye as well as earning the respect of major record labels.

WallStreet Entertainment is responsible for discovering and breaking multiple artist in the Philadelphia area including but not limited to Fh Snoop and Zigg Money. What’s unique about WallStreet Entertainment is the two minds behind the whole operation, two Philadelphia natives Naiym “Wolf” Dingle and Marcus “Pimp” Hall. The tandem founded WallStreet Entertainment in march of 2018 and since then has had an immense of amount of success on the east coast selling out show after show, independently producing tours and having their artist’s music stream worldwide reaching about 97 countries.

Wolf and pimp are two very influential moguls in the Philadelphia market as well as the surrounding areas considered by many to be geniuses and they’re often referred to as the future moguls of the world. Wolf & Pimp have a long history of success locally in their region in entertainment as well as entrepreneurship. The two young moguls decided to use their already established platforms and resources to co-found their own independent record label WallStreet Entertainment or “WSE” as they’d like to call it. When asked where they got the name WallStreet Entertainment they wanted to be clear that their inspiration had nothing to do with the well known Wall Street in New York, in fact the name comes inspired by their late friend Shawwal “Wall” Abdul who lost his life in 2013 and ever since then the duo has been doing all they could to build his legacy and keep Shawwal’s name alive.


WallStreet Entertainment is emerging on to the scene as a force to focus on with some of the hottest emerging talent out of the Philadelphia area including but not limited to Fh Snoop and Zigg Money as stated above, the label also has a few sleeper artist that they plan to roll out in the near future one being R&B singer Jay Century, another being Dj Crazy who they referred to as “The littest Dj in the world” and newly acquired signee producer EbonOnTheTrack. WSE caught the eyes of many major record labels behind the success of Fh Snoop’s single “Caribbean Jawn” Zigg Money’s single “Hate Me” and their ability to break the records organically tallying millions of streams in total and still growing daily. When the artist were asked “what made WSE unique” they all responded in their own words describing how WallStreet was a family of selfless people who equally devotes their effort and energy into the common goal of attaining success both individually and as a unit and how each artist gets prioritized. When asked how they picked their artist for their WSE roster Wolf and Pimp stated that they go off vibes & energy first then the mindset of the artist and last but not least the talent the artist has, to avoid throwing off the aura they’ve created within the realm of WallStreet Entertainment.

Pimp also specified that both he and wolf prefers to discover and sign artist at the ground level so they can grow with the artist as well as develop the artist because he feels as though their true strength in breaking artist shows when they take them from ground zero to a sky without limits. There’s a lot on the list of things to accomplish in 2020 with WallStreet Entertainment one being to secure a major label partnership to help the plan of WallStreet Entertainmet to expand globally. Follow WallStreet Entertainment’s journey on social media @WallStreet.Entertainment and remember you heard it here first ! Follow @wolfwse @pimp215 @fhsnoopofficial @ziggmoney @djcrazy215 @itsjaycentury @ebononthetrack