In a confirmed report, Juice WRLD swallowed several “Percocet” painkillers moments before his death in an attempt to hide the potentially deadly prescription pills from federal agents, who were going to conduct a search of WRLD’s private jet upon landing.

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According to law enforcement, the pilot who was flying Juice WRLD’s plane alerted authorities that some of Juice’s squad had illegal guns in their possession. When they landed, the FBI and FAA were waiting to search his team as soon as they pulled onto the runway.

No one exactly knows, but at some point between the landing and the search, Juice, whose real name is Jerad Higgins, was observed swallowing the Percocets in an attempt to hide them from authorities.


Even though an official autopsy was conducted on the 21 year old rising star today(December 9), toxicology, cardiac pathology and neuropathology tests are still needed to determine an official cause of death.

It is suspected that the Percocets ingested by the late rapper could have very well contributed to his sudden death.

As previously reported, Juice WRLD was pronounced dead at a Chicago-area hospital about 3 AM after suffering from a deadly seizure in Chicago’s Midway Airport. Two members of Juice’s entourage were booked on illegal weapons charges after authorities found three guns and 70 lbs. of marijuana on the private jet.

Both men are currently out on bail.